Choosing the Right Band for your Party

Not a lot of people notice this, but party music can spell the difference between a rocking party and a dead one. Whether you are a host or a band playing your first gig, here are a few tips on how to choose the best songs to play at a party.

Choosing Your Party Songs

The choice of party songs depends on a number of factors, such as the song choice of the host, the type of music the band plays, the type of crowd present, and the occasion. The host has the most say on what kind of song can be played at the party especially if he or she is the one hiring the band. However, it is also important to note that not all bands play songs across different genres. Most bands will cater to the songs that hosts ask them to play, as long as the music fits with their type of music. If you are lucky, you may also have a band that is versatile and able to switch from punk rock to mellow country in a heartbeat. Professional bands usually present the host with song options or they allow the host to pick all the songs.

The type of party will also determine what songs you can play. Some hosts may prefer upbeat country to fit a country themed party, or a little bit of slow rock for a mellow vibe especially for small gatherings. Others want to go all out and prefer loud party music. With all the choices in music available these days, hosts even have the option of mixing musical styles and genres if they really like the songs and want them played in the party.

Basic Song Tips

If you are not sure if your musical styles will be a hit with the guests, you may find a few tips on song choices helpful. For example, songs with upbeat tempos will have party guests moving and dancing. Choose popular party music so that people can also sing along. A lot of people love to sing along to party music, especially if the lyrics are easy to learn and the song has been getting ample air time on the radio. Chances are, if the song is popular, most of your guests will like it.

If the party is mellow, with people just talking and drinking, you want songs with slow tempos, vocals that are not too overpowering and even instrumentals to simply serve as an auditory backdrop to the conversations and not drown them out.

Choosing the Right Band

Once you have narrowed down your song choices, you can start looking for party bands for hire. Choose a party band by looking at the songs that you want played and narrowing your choices of bands to those who can play your chosen songs. You can also ask for demos so you can listen to their sound and feel if they can play your songs in the way that you like.

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